China CDC Issues Notice Recommending 14-Day Self Observation after “May Day” Holiday Travel

Yesterday, the official WeChat account of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued the “May 1st” holiday travel reminder: The notice advices the general public to pay attention to the prevention of new coronary pneumonia, norovirus enteritis, hand, foot and mouth disease, tick-borne diseases, animal-borne diseases and food poisoning .

New crown pneumonia prevention

●Currently, the epidemic situation in many foreign countries is serious, and the risk of infection is high for individuals traveling abroad. According to local prevention and control policies, those returning from abroad must provide strict double-negative test certificates, and must be quarantined and observed for 14 days after entry, plus health follow-up. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals fully weigh the timing and necessity of travel and avoid unnecessary cross-border travel.

●At present, only Ruili City, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province is a medium-to-high-risk area. If not necessary, it is recommended not to go there for the time being. The risk level of the new crown epidemic in various parts of China can be inquired in real time in the column of the State Council website, mobile application “State Council Client” or the WeChat applet.

●During holidays, it is necessary to strengthen self-protection, adhere to the “three-piece set of epidemic prevention”, and keep in mind the “five protections” : masks should be worn, social distancing should be kept, covering mouth when coughing and sneezing , hands should be washed frequently, and windows should be opened as much as possible. At the same time, try to avoid activities in crowded, confined and poorly ventilated places.

●During travel, when taking airplanes, trains, cars, ships and other transportation means, you must abide by order and crew management requirements, wear masks throughout the journey, maintain good hygiene, and properly keep receipts for inquiries. If symptoms such as headache, fatigue, loss of sense of smell and taste, dry cough, fever, etc. occur during the journey, take measures to prevent infection of others, and seek medical treatment at the nearest medical institution immediately, and cancel or suspend the journey.

●Self-observe for 14 days after returning from travel. Once suspicious symptoms appear, take measures to prevent infection of others, seek medical attention in time and actively inform the doctor of your travel history.

●Vaccinations should also be carried out according to schedule . In particular, the second dose should be completed as early as 3 weeks or more to 8 weeks after the first dose. Try not to affect the second dose due to travel.

Norovirus enteritis prevention

Wash your hands often; do not eat uncooked and cooked food and unsterilized milk; do not drink raw water; do not eat unclean fruits and vegetables; do not touch patients, patient vomit, excreta and polluted objects .

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Prevention

Pay attention to personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene; do not share objects with others; do not touch patients and their contaminated objects or pollute the environment; do not swim or play in undisinfected swimming pools; 

Tick-borne disease prevention

When doing outdoor activities, take personal protection, wear long-sleeved clothes, tie your trouser legs, and apply mosquito repellent to bare skin. Avoid sitting or lying in grass, woods and other environments for a long time to prevent tick bites.

Animal-borne disease prevention

Avoid entering wild birds and other animal habitats, do not touch or eat wild animals; try to avoid direct contact with animals of unknown origin; do not eat uncooked animal products; choose fresh and safe animal food raw materials for processing .Separate raw from cooked.

Food poisoning prevention

Choose restaurants with good sanitary conditions; do not eat food of unknown origin; do not collect or eat unidentified wild mushrooms and plants.

SOURCE : Baidu News

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