Recently,  a 14-year-old girl in Ningxia was forced by her parents to marry a stranger for a bride price of 250,000RMB . The girl is in second grade of junior high school and her parents suddenly stopped her from studying for marriage without her consent.

She was naturally unhappy with the arrangements made by her parents, but as a child, had no way to refute her parents orders .

She found out that the person she was going to marry was a 25-year-old man on the day when the man’s family came to make the marriage appointment . Afterwards, she became unwilling to give her consent to the marriage and secretly called the police

According to the girl , her parents and family said that it’s useless for girls to read too many books. It’s better to marry early…

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The police invited the parents of both parties to the station and found out that the girl’s parents betrothed the girl to a stranger without the girl’s consent, and received a gift of 250,000 yuan, a gold jewelry, and held an engagement ceremony.

The two parties had a big disagreement due to property issues of the marriage contract.  After six rounds of mediation and persuasion, the two sides reached a settlement agreement . The girl was returned to her family and the 250,000 yuan was refunded to the man .


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  1. at first I don’t know why the girl’s parent betrothed the girl to a stranger without her
    consent ,u know every family only has a kid ,and think the child is the eyes ‘s apple ,her parent told all people it’s useless for the kid to read more books ,its nonsense, its her right to go to school and take compulsory education ,I think her parent should be sent to the jail and think over it with their heart,for the groom,its 25 years old young guy and should deal with it calmly ,if he marraged with the girl and make love with her ,I think its rape that happened to them,the groom will be arrested by the police and take the criminal responsibility for his stupid behavior,at last ,I must say money is not everything ,as far as possible, to be pure in thought and deed ,we can’t allow ourselves to be as ugly as we like in thought.

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