Baohe District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently fined a Fried Chicken Burger restaurant 500 yuan for using substandard  plastic bags.

When the plastic shopping bags distributed by the fried chicken burger restaurant were inspected for product quality supervision, it was found that the dart impact item did not meet the GB/T21661-2020 standard. According to the “Plastic Shopping Bag Product Quality Supervision and Random Inspection Implementation Rules”, it was judged as unqualified. On November 15, the case was filed for investigation.

Through on-site investigations by law enforcement officers, the parties held valid “Business Licenses” and “Food Business Permits”, and no plastic shopping bags involved in the case were found at the scene, and the parties were not able to provide materials such as purchase receipts for the plastic shopping bags involved.

After investigation, the nominal manufacturer of the plastic bags involved in the case was Wenzhou Guandu Packaging Co., Ltd. The parties involved purchased the plastic shopping bags involved in the case on August 23, 2021. When purchasing, they checked the supplier’s qualification materials and failed to check. Proof of conformity for plastic shopping bags. The total purchased quantity is 2000. As of September 2, 2021, before the supervision and spot check, 100 have been used, and all of them have been used up on October 8. The parties involved purchase the shopping bags involved in the case for packaging of the food for sale. Although they are not directly sold, the packaging of the food for sale is actually a sales act.

The Baohe District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau believes that the store sells plastic shopping bags that do not meet the product standards indicated on the packaging after sampling inspections, and when purchasing the plastic shopping bags involved, they failed to check the product qualification certification materials, which is suspected Violating the “Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the store was ordered to immediately stop selling substandard products as qualified products, and decided to fine the parties 500 yuan.