A few months ago, a well-known beverage company in Xinzhan District reported to the police that a large number of counterfeit goods appeared in their beverage warehouse, which was suspected of being dropped.

Xinzhan police immediately rushed to the warehouse of this well-known beverage company to investigate and found that half of the drinks in the warehouse the size of a football field were fake. After careful investigation, the police quickly discovered that these drinks were dropped by the “inner ghost”. , Involving more than 20,000 pieces, worth more than 5 million yuan.

Through the interrogation of the “inner ghost”, the task force learned that after making a profit of 5 million yuan, the suspect spent another 1.86 million yuan to purchase a batch of counterfeit products from a large-scale beverage factory in Guangshui City, Hubei Province. As a result, the police from the task force rushed to the upstream manufacturer to conduct a secret investigation. After waiting until the fourth day, they finally discovered that the company was producing this counterfeit, well-known beverage, and immediately launched a net shut-in operation.

In order to misrepresent the truth, Zhang Mouhui, the owner of this beverage manufacturer in Guangshui City, Hubei Province, not only hired a designer to imitate the appearance of well-known beverages, but also built a website to identify the QR code at the bottom of the can.

According to investigations, since 2019, Zhang Mouhui’s group has produced and sold millions of bottles of fake well-known drinks, with a total value of 120 million yuan.

At present, more than 20 suspects in this case have been prosecuted by the prosecutors according to law.


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