Anhui Education Bureau Issues Letter to Parents

On the evening of August 27, the Anhui Provincial Department of Education issued “three letters” to primary and secondary schools, teachers, and parents across the province, clarifying that it will ensure after-school services, and standardize off-campus training institutions .

A letter to the parents of elementary and middle school students in the province

It is recommended that statutory holidays, rest days, winter and summer vacations are not used for subject training courses. Planning and urging children to participate in offline training should end no later than 20:30, and online training should end no later than 21:00.

Dear parents and friends:

Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council formally issued the “Opinions on Further Reducing the Work Burden of Students in Compulsory Education and Off-campus Training . We suggest to the parents of primary and middle school students:

1. Establish a scientific concept of parenting and care for the healthy growth of children

Respect the laws of education and the growth of adolescents, rationally plan children’s future, and promote their all-round development; pay more attention to the changes in children’s thoughts and emotions, listen to their voices, and help them grow up healthily and happily; actively communicate with teachers to understand children’s learning and physical and mental conditions, build a harmonious family-school relationship.

2. Reasonably arrange after-school life to improve the overall quality of children

It is necessary to make scientific use of children’s spare time to guide them to carry out necessary schoolwork, engage in housework within their capacity, and do appropriate physical exercises, reading and cultural activities. If you have difficulty picking up your child after school, or where your child has nowhere to go, you can voluntarily participate in after-school services organized by the school. We will actively take measures to ensure full coverage of after-school services in compulsory education schools for students in need from the beginning of this fall, to help parents solve the problem of difficulty in picking up their children on time, and to meet the diverse learning needs of students in the school.

3. Carefully choose off-campus training to reduce the burden of excessive training

When participating in off-campus training, please pay attention to the “Four Musts” and “Four Donts”.

“Four Needs”:

Choose a formal institution. To check the qualification information of the training institution in advance, select a training institution with “complete licenses ” (referring to a “private school permit”, “business license” or “private non-enterprise registration certificate”).

To control the training time. National statutory holidays, rest days and winter and summer vacations do not sign up for subject training courses. Plan and urge children to participate in offline training no later than 20:30, and online training no later than 21:00.

Sign the contract proactively. It is necessary to proactively sign the “Out-of-school Training Service Contract for Primary and Secondary School Students (Model Text)” jointly formulated by the Ministry of Education and the General Administration of Market Supervision with training institutions, and carefully read the terms of the training content and fee refunds.

Keep the receipts properly. Remember to ask for a formal invoice or receipt after payment, and keep it in a safe place.

“Four Don’ts”:

  1. Do not pay a large upfront fee at once. It is necessary to understand the charging items, standards and refund methods of training institutions in advance, and do not pay for more than 60 class hours or fees that span more than 3 months at a time.
  2. Do not choose training institutions with unqualified teachers. It is necessary to know the teacher information of the training institution in advance, choose subject training teachers with corresponding teacher qualifications, choose non-subject training teachers with corresponding professional qualifications, and do not arrange for children to participate in off-campus training by in-service teachers.
  3. Don’t choose a training institution that is not safe and secure. It is necessary to check the school location of the training institution in advance, and choose a training institution that has a spacious venue, a safe house structure, complete safety facilities, and unobstructed fire channels.
  4. Do not participate in training organized by foreigners abroad. If arranging children to participate in training organized by foreign personnel in China, it is necessary to know whether they comply with relevant national regulations .

Dear parents, children are the flowers of the motherland and the future and hope of the Chinese nation. Their all-round development and healthy growth are our common responsibility and our greatest wish. Please treat the off-campus training rationally and arrange your children’s study and life reasonably. Let us work together to create a better future for children!

Anhui Provincial Department of Education, Anhui Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China

August 27, 2021

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