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Hefei Metro line 4 is here and will be on for a test ride from December 16 (Thursday)-December 19 (Sunday) 7:00-20:00. You can get a ticket for this ride from Hefei Connect . If you need one for the test ride , type yes in the comment box below . We have just a few  , first come , first serve.

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1. Test ride time

December 16 (Thursday)-December 19 (Sunday) 7:00-20:00.

During the trial ride, the driving interval of Line 4 at peak hours (7:00-9:00, 17:00-19:00) on weekdays is 4 minutes and 50 seconds, and 5 minutes and 50 seconds on weekends (15:00-20:00) ; the interval of off-peak hours is 7 minutes and 08 seconds.

4. Masks must be worn for normal security inspections and epidemic prevention, and test rides.

During the trial ride, every station will strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures. Passengers participating in the trial ride must wear a mask “code verification + temperature measurement” before entering the station. Elderly people without mobile phones and passengers whose mobile phones cannot be used normally can register by checking their ID cards, social security cards and other valid ID documents .

Basic Information of Line 4

Line 4 is an “L-shaped” urban backbone line from west to northeast. There are 31 stations on the line, all of which are underground. The whole line covers the main east-west passenger flow corridors of Hefei City, connecting the five major urban sections of High-tech Zone, Government Affairs District, Baohe District, Yaohai District, and Xinzhan District. With a total length of 41.37 kilometers, the line is currently the longest track line in Hefei. It is equipped with 47 trains and 282 carriages. Each train can carry a maximum of 2054 passengers and the maximum operating speed is 80 km/h.


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15 Dec 2021


Nick Smith
15 Dec 2021

Is there a downloadable map or an App for Android with the lines?
I haven’t bothered with underground up until now.

黎娜 🇨🇱
15 Dec 2021


16 Dec 2021

Yes , there is an APP for Hefei Metro . Search for 合肥地铁 on the APP Store

16 Dec 2021

You can get the tickets at Fabio’s , which is right next to USTC on Jinzhai Road

Address : 安徽省 合肥市 高科技广场北一座25-26号商铺

17 Dec 2021


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