China’s Anti-fraud guide book now available in English

An English translation of a guide book, or brochure, by the National Anti-Fraud Center to guard against telecom and Internet fraud will be available for international students in Shanghai, local authorities said on Thursday.

Foreign college students can get the English brochures, translated by the Shanghai People’s Procuratorate, during related publicity campaigns organized by local procurators and public security organs.

“We will organize a series of on-campus activities regarding telecom and Internet fraud this semester, and at that time we will distribute the brochures, both the Chinese and English versions,” a procurator said.

The brochure has six chapters, introducing six kinds of frauds and typical cases. They are: Internet Loan Fraud, click framing fraud, fraud by pretending to be e-commerce logistics customer service, false shopping fraud, “campus loan” fraud, and fraud of fake transactions in online games.

The book lists the target groups that each kind of swindlers focus on.

There are also tips on how to avoid falling into a trap – the “Three don’ts” and “One More.”

“Don’t click unknown links. Don’t trust calls from strangers. Don’t disclose personal information. Check more when you transfer money.”

Telecom and Internet fraud cases have been soaring in recent years, according to authorities, along with the number of on-campus students involved in such cases.

Shanghai’s educational commission, procurators and public security bureau signed a memorandum on Thursday, pledging to jointly eliminate telecom and Internet fraud on campus.

Zhu Yuting / SHINE
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