Cured COVID-19 Case Test Positive – Diagnosed as Asymptomatic

On May 1, the new coronavirus nucleic acid test center at Yimei Coal Group General Hospital found a case of asymptomatic infection. The man was previously a confirmed and cured COVID-19 Case . The specific details are as follows :

On February 11, 2021, he took a flight from Uzbekistan and landed at Xi’an Airport. He was diagnosed as a confirmed case and was admitted at the Eighth Hospital of Xi’an for treatment. He was cured and discharged from the hospital on April 3, and transferred to a centralized point in Xi’an for  isolation. On April 17, his nucleic acid test result was negative and he was released from isolation .

On the same day, he returned to Hongyang Town, Mianchi County for isolation and medical observation. The temperature monitoring was normal. Because he was planning to return to work, he took a private car to Yimei General Hospital at 8 am on May 1 for a nucleic acid test. 

The nucleic acid test results were positive. The hospital immediately isolated him, and simultaneously carried out routine blood tests, serum and CT examinations. At 21 o’clock on May 1, the Yima City Center for Disease Control conducted a nucleic acid and antibody test sample and sent it to the Sanmenxia City Center for Disease Control for testing. The test result was negative.

At 9 o’clock on May 2nd, Yima City Center for Disease Control and Prevention again conducted nucleic acid and antibody testing and sampling, and simultaneously sent the specimens to Sanmenxia City Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Yima City People’s Hospital for testing. Yima City People’s Hospital reported that the test results were of critical Value, Sanmenxia City Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the test result was positive.

 At present, all close contacts in Yima City and Mianchi County have been traced , quarantined and subjected to nucleic acid testing. All vehicles and places involved have been disinfected and environmental testing has been carried out. , The relevant counties and districts have been notified to conduct joint investigations .

It is hoped that the general public will not believe or spread rumors and actively support and cooperate with prevention and control work . Provide health travel codes when entering public places, cooperate with body temperature monitoring, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, often ventilate, keep a “one meter line” , do not gather, advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle, and develop good hygiene habits.

EDITOR : CNConnect

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