Starting from December 10, electronic driver’s licenses will be fully implemented nationwide .

Prior to this, the electronic driver’s license has covered 200 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi’an, and more than 50 million drivers have received the license. On the basis of preliminary trials and batch promotion and application, the Ministry of Public Security has deployed a nationwide promotion and application of electronic driving licenses.

Electronic driver’s licenses are issued through a unified nationwide “Traffic Management 12123” App, which has the same effect as the paper driver’s license and is valid nationwide; it can be presented and used during traffic control services and law enforcement inspections, and can be extended to passenger and cargo transportation and car rental , Insurance purchase and other social application scenarios.

In addition, in accordance with the unified deployment, public security traffic management convenience measures such as registration of second-hand car transactions in different places, “Traffic Control 12123” App verification of the electronic pass code for shipping vehicles, and online inspection of traffic accident evidence materials will also be implemented nationwide to better facilitate the public travel and service enterprise industry development. (over)