On December 24, a video of a foreign teacher in Xi’an abusing epidemic prevention personnels at a nucleic acid test site went viral on the Internet.  The man called the staffs “lunatics” and “neurotics” while spitting on the ground during his nucleic acid test .It is understood that he is a foreign teacher at a private international school in Xi’an. On December 26, the school issued a statement stating that the improper behavior of the teacher seriously violated the provisions of the school’s appointment agreement , thus his employment contract will be terminated immediately.

 At 11 o’clock that day, the video publisher stated that an apology letter had been received from the man’s family , stating that the man has limited ability to express himself in Chinese and as such used the wrong words to express his emotions. According to the apology , his behavior wasn’t intentional , and he regretted it afterwards.

The Xi’an Public Security Bureau has been set up a special team to investigate the case , and the results of the investigation will be released to the public.