Free Entry for Hefei Zoo – Search WeChat Mini APP “游安徽”

In accordance with the unified deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Hefei wildlife park launched the activity of “stay in Hefei for the Chinese New Year and visit Hefei free of charge”. Limited, scheduled and staggered peak tours were implemented

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1. Ticket-free time: February 12-16, 2021 (the first day to the fifth day), and the daily opening hours of the scenic spot are: 8:00-16:30.

2. Reservation method: Tickets for the next day can be reserved after 18:00 every afternoon. Through the WeChat mini program “游安徽”, search for “合肥野生动物园”, click “0 yuan to reserve tickets”, select the time slot for the tour, and make an appointment with real name.

3. Instructions for admission:

(1) Entrance tickets for this event (ie 35 yuan for adults and 17 yuan half-price tickets) are free. Other non-public services in the park, such as playgrounds, cruise ships, crawling halls, etc., are at your own expense.

(2) During the free park period, the maximum capacity of the scenic spot is 30,000 people. When the number of tourists reaches the limit standard, tourists won’t be allowed entry. Please cooperate with the park.

(3) It is recommended that holders of garden cards and policy-oriented preferential treatment personnel s(daily exemption groups: children under 1.2 meters, seniors over 60 years old, disabled, military personnel, and medical aid to Hubei) choose to travel on a staggered peak and avoid free park time.

(4) Visitors are requested to enter the park according to the appointment time, wear a mask, measure body temperature, show the green health code, and enter the scenic spot after verifying the appointment information. Please consciously keep a reasonable distance from others , and do not get together or gather.

(5) Please visit the park in a civilized manner. It is forbidden to feed animals. Do not smoke or picnic in the park. If you find a forest fire, please call 119 or 110 immediately.

(6) Consultation telephone: 0551-65395595.

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