Harbin CDC Issues Reminder : Do not eat or drink while taking the bus or subway

On the 9th, the Harbin Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a reminder on how to take public transportation during the normalized epidemic prevention and control period.

When taking a bus or subway

(1) Do not take public transportation if you feel you have fever or other respiratory symptoms.

(2) Wear disposable medical masks and throughout the entire trip.

(3) Priority is given to using non-contact methods such as online or scan code to purchase or pay for tickets.

(4) During the ride, keep your hands clean, try to avoid touching the handrails, handle bars, car doors, toilet doors and handles, etc., and do not directly touch your mouth, eyes, and nose with your hands . Wear gloves and avoid direct contact with handrails and other parts with high risk of infection when riding. Please wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer in time after riding, or you can bring hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes with you to clean your hands.

(5) Cover up with elbow or tissue when sneezing. Don’t spit on the floor, wrap your nose and mouth secretions in a paper towel and place them in the trash.

(6) Do not eat or drink during the ride, so as not to increase the risk of infection.

(7) Keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter from others to avoid crowds. Try to sit or stand apart as much as possible to separate space from each other. If there are too many people on the bus, you can choose to wait for the next bus.

(8) If driving speed and other conditions permit, open windows appropriately for ventilation to avoid confined spaces and long-term lack of air circulation.

(9) Disinfect the items used in the journey in time. If you use electronic products such as mobile phones during the ride, you can wipe them with alcohol swabs or disinfectant wipes after getting off the bus.

(10) If conditions permit, choose off-peak travel.

(11) Properly retain travel receipt information for inquiries.

 When taking a taxi or car hailing

In addition to wearing masks, maintaining hand hygiene, and don’t eat while riding, the following protection methods should also be paid attention to when taking a taxi .

(1) Try to choose the back seat, keep a certain distance from the driver, and do not touch the supplies on the car.

(2) When the driving speed and other conditions permit, open windows for ventilation. If air conditioning is used, do not select the internal circulation mode.

(3) Try not to choose carpooling as much as possible

(4) Priority is given to payment by non-contact scanning code.

(5) Wash your hands promptly after getting off the car, or use a no-wash disinfectant to clean your hands.

SOURCE : https://harbin.dbw.cn/system/2021/01/11/058574071.shtml

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