Hefei’s longest metro line– Line 4 will officially go operational on the morning of December 26.

Line 4 is 41.37 kilometers long and is an “L-shaped” urban backbone line from west to northeast. From Qinglonggang in the west to the Comprehensive Bonded Area in the north, there are 31 underground stations.

Line 4 connects lines 1, 2, 3, and 5 ;

Transfer to Line 1 and 5 at Hefei South Station,

Transfer to Line 3 at Library and Fangmiao Stations, and

Transfer to Line 2 at Dongqili Station ,

The interchange of Lines 1, 2 and 3, form a virtual loop with the word “Tian”, making the track network “extend in all directions” . At the same time, it also makes Hefei South Station the only three-line transfer station on the current line network.

In order to meet the initial operation of Line 4, Hefei Rail launched a series of convenient service measures.

The first is to launch a “Smart Customer Service” to provide technological intelligent self inquiry services. The first “Smart Customer Service” was adopted at the HKUST Advanced Research Institute on Line 4 to provide passengers with ticketing, route query, station guidance, surrounding information, boarding guide, lost property, train time, and other functions, providing a “one-stop” solution to passengers inquiries.

The second is to add a “dynamic” information screens to help citizens understand relevant information. Dynamic display screens are installed at the Wanghucheng South Station of Line 4 and the Advanced Research Institute Station of the University of Science and Technology. Passengers can obtain information about roads around entrances and exits, ground traffic information, weather forecasts, commercial outlets and other related information through the notices on the screens.

The third is to upgrade the “help” phone to make it easier for passengers to ask for urgent assistance . At the Wanghucheng South Station of Line 4, the hall and platform of the Advanced Research Institute of the University of Science and Technology of China, two visual intercom telephones for passengers for assistance , and one voice intercom telephone for assistance will be installed in the toilets for the disabled. Among them, the video intercom phone for passengers asking for help can realize barrier-free communication with deaf-mute passengers through the conversion of audio signals, which is convenient for special groups of people to seek help.

The fourth is to continue to set up special maternity and infant rooms to provide mothers with a “warm home”. Line 4 builds special maternity rooms at HKUST Advanced Research Institute Station, Library Station, Swan Lake Station, Institute of Engineering and Economics Station, and Fangmiao Station. The maternity room fully takes into account the needs of passengers, and is equipped with convenient seats, maternity tables, coat hooks and other equipment and facilities, and passengers in need can go and use it. If passengers need other help, they can also contact the station staff.

In addition, there are already 12 maternity rooms in Hefei railway stations on existing lines, which are located at Hefei South Station, Provincial Administrative Center East Station, Dujiang Memorial Hall Station, Yungu Road Station, Dadongmen Station, Sanxiaokou Station, and Dashushan Station. , Municipal Affairs Center Station, Second Affiliated Hospital Station of Anyi University, Longgang Station, Wenhuiyuan Station, Xingfuba Station.

Fifth, it shows the degree of congestion in subway cars, which is convenient for citizens to get on and off the train. The passenger capacity of each car is judged by the vehicle load, and the “crowding degree” display function is added to the passenger information display screen of Line 4 to display the passenger density of each car of the train arriving at the station in real time, improving the comfort of the car.

The fare of Line 4 continues to follow the original standard

According to the approval of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Hefei Rail Transit (Metro) fare continues to implement the original standard with a validity period of 2 years.

The highest one-way fare on Line 4 is 7 yuan. Hefei Rail Transit implements a mileage-based ticket system and adopts the principle of “decreasing farther and farther”. The starting price is 2 yuan for 8 kilometers; 3 yuan for 14 kilometers (inclusive); for 14 kilometers or more, 21 kilometers ( 4 yuan for rides within); 5 yuan for rides over 21 kilometers and 29 kilometers (inclusive); for rides over 29 kilometers, an additional 1 yuan will be charged for each additional 9 kilometers. According to the fare system, the maximum one-way fare for the entire line of Line 4 is 7 yuan, and the maximum one-way fare for transferring to Line 1 is 6 yuan; the maximum one-way fare for transferring to Line 2 is 6 yuan; and when changing to Line 3 , the highest one-way fare is 7 yuan for a ride; the highest one-way fare for a transfer to the southern section of Line 5 is 6 yuan.