Homestay inns recommended in Ningbo

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When you feel tired of the noisy city and monotonous urban buildings, you can go to the countryside and find a unique homestay inn where you will enjoy a different style of living in a peaceful pastoral setting.

Here are eight of the most stylish homestay inns in Ningbo, where you can satisfy yourself with a comfortable stay in stylish and well-designed accommodation.



Yuanshe is like a castle surrounded by mountains and forests. It features unique wooden houses, clean and tidy yards, beautifully decorated flower stands, chic swings, fresh grassed areas and clear swimming pools with water from mountain springs. There are six well-appointed guest rooms and an entertainment cabin equipped with KTV facilities.

Address: Hengxi town, Yinzhou district, Ningbo

How to get there: Bus 179 from Ningbo Railway Station to Zhengshi Middle School Stop, then Bus 640 to Wuyao Stop

Tel: 13780095623

Cost: 2828 yuan ($408) to 3026 yuan per night

2.Longguan Channa


Longguan Channa embodies the elegance of an oriental countryside residence, simple and close to nature. There are eight types of rooms, each equipped with full amenities. You can see the stones and trees outside through the windows, while listening to the gurgling of mountain streams. Besides the beautiful scenery, there are many hot springs where you can enjoy a soothing bath. You can also enjoy fresh and delicious local produce there.

Address: Longxi village, Longguan county, Haishu district, Ningbo

How to get there: Metro Line 2 from Ningbo Railway Station to Lishe Station, Bus 661-1 to Longguan Xiangxin Stop, then Bus 673 to Xue’ao Stop

Tel: 0574-88062777

Cost: 889 yuan to 1219 yuan per night



Cishe is an old house typical of a residence in the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949). It was originally the residence of a Shanghai clothing entrepreneur. Built of stones with wooden doors and windows, the house is divided into six types of rooms and public spaces, the latter consisting of a library, an incense room and a room for Buddhist scripture chanting and meditation. The public spaces are ready for all kinds of handicraft-making activities, Chinese culture classes, creative salons and Buddhist activities.

Address: No 67 Taihu Rd, Cicheng Ancient Town, Jiangbei district, Ningbo

How to get there: Bus 826 from Ningbo Railway Station to Xiejia Stop, then Bus 339 to Cihu Middle School Stop

Tel: 0574-87432525

Cost: 481 yuan to 1139 yuan per night



Runshe is a 400-square-meter wooden structure located in Qiantong Ancient Town, a town that dates back to the late Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The building takes inspiration from the wooden Baoguo Temple in Ningbo. The special wood fragrance gives the house a unique charm, as in Chinese tradition wood is believed to help inspire a feeling of warmth and peace, and thus is often used in architecture. The first floor serves as the public space where you can have tea and view exhibitions, while the second floor houses six distinct guest rooms, all of which are equipped with a small kitchen.

Address: No 217 Qiantong Ancient Town, Ninghai county, Ningbo

How to get there: Bus 116 from Ninghai Railway Station to Ninghai West Bus Terminal, then Bus Qiantong 2 to Qianton Ancient Town.

Tel: 15858400002

Cost: 578 yuan to 887 yuan per night



Nanyushe was designed by an artist from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, in the former residence of her parents-in-law. The lobby features a large round wooden table, and a fireplace made in Britain. The traditional tea house exhibits art works and handicrafts from many master artists. The second floor houses seven distinct guest rooms blending fashion and modernity. Down a small path, there is a bar, a restaurant and a small Japanese-styled yard. You will also have the chance to enjoy traditional local noodles made by the hostess.

Address: No 80-81 Nanshanzhang village, Sangzhou town, Ninghai county, Ningbo

How to get there: Take the direct bus to Sangzhou town at Ninghai West Bus Terminal, then walk 40 minutes or take a taxi to Nanshanzhang village.

Tel: 0574-85392226 or 13757448022

Cost: 398 yuan per night for weekdays, 498 per night for weekends and holidays



Qinglai is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on the other side, an ideal destination either for a mountain hike or a stroll along the beach. It is decorated in the style of a fishing village, with fishnets and fish-themed handicrafts everywhere. There are 10 guest rooms in the villa, most of which have a balcony. Not only can you feast on the beautiful scenery of the sea, but you may also enjoy all kinds of delicious seafood. Facilities for KTV, a spa, tea and conference rooms are also available at the villa.

Address: Dasha village, Hepu town, Nantian Island, Xiangshan county, Ningbo

How to get there: Take a direct bus to Shipu town from Ningbo South Bus Terminal, Bus 2 to Kuaike Port, take the boat to Hepu town and then a taxi to Dasha village

Tel: 0574-65018368

Cost: 579 yuan to 1150 yuan per night



YouTour is located in Shiqifang village, one of China’s largest existing ancient villages dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). It preserves the style of that period, featuring classical decorations and elegant furnishings. There are five guest rooms with full amenities, providing you with plenty of comfort. A children’s club, a conference room and a restaurant serving authentic Chinese food are also available.

Address: No 777 Kaiyuan Rd, Shiqifang village, Zhenhai district, Ningbo

How to get there: Metro Line 2 from Ningbo Lishe International Airport to Datongqiao Station, Bus 378 to Yuanjia Stop, then walk to YouTour

Tel: 0574-86555757

Cost: 348 yuan to 690 yuan per night



Manxiugu, located in a mountain area, is characterized by colorful dangling wooden houses in European style, Southeast Asian thatched houses and African earth houses. They are built and decorated with bark, tree roots, old bricks and stones, conveying a message that humans should live in harmony with the nature. Fresh air, quiet surroundings, poetic mountain scenery and romantic atmosphere in the lovely villas offer all you can imagine when you want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in beautiful Manxiugu.

Address: Yantou Ancient Village, Xikou town, Fenghua district, Ningbo

How to get there: Metro line 2 from Ningbo Lishe International Airport to Lishe Station, Bus 988 to Yinfeng Plaza Stop, Bus 575-1 to Dongjiaping Stop, then walk to Manxiugu

Tel: 0574-88817771

Cost: 396 yuan to 2389 yuan per night

Source : China Daily


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