A 79-year-old man went downstairs to pick up a delivery, but died suddenly while going back upstairs, causing social concern.

The incident happened on November 21. At about three in the afternoon, an elderly man received a call saying that his delivery had arrived. He hung up the phone and went downstairs to pick up the parcel.

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After climbing to the corner of the 4th and 5th floors, the man fell to the ground, his breath and heartbeat stopped, he was found and rushed to a hospital , but unfortunately died.

According to family members, the delivery method indicated in the courier is “delivery upstairs”, so why should an elderly go downstairs to collect his delivery? Did the courier refuse to deliver the goods upstairs? The call records of the two became a key point.

According to call records between both men , the courier confirmed the address of the elderly on the phone, and then stated that he is somewhere downstairs in the community. The courier only mentioned these two pieces of information. After receiving the call from the courier, the old man immediately said that he would go downstairs to pick it up.

The courier did not expressly refuse to deliver the goods upstairs, and the old man did not ask for the delivery to be sent upstairs. He took the initiative to go downstairs and pick it up.

In other words, according to the recording of this conversation, the situation can be judged as “communication and negotiation.” According to the regulations, the courier can do this after communicating and negotiating with a customer.

However,  the courier did not actively ask the old man whether he needed to the item delivered upstairs .

Another important piece of information is that the delivery weighs 22 kilograms, which directly lead to the lack of energy for the elderly.

The demands of the family members of the elderly are that the courier company should bear part of the responsibility, because the delivery upstairs is clearly written on the express delivery note.

The courier company responded that when the courier communicated with the customer on the phone, the customer made it clear that he will take the initiative to pick up the goods. The operation of the courier was in line with the company’s procedures.


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  1. Blame no one. Man is old it maybe heart problem, after going down pick up parcel carry parcel, it’s all kind of exercise can be happen

  2. I don’t think delivery guy should be blamed. They already do a lot of work for small salary. Who buy things they know it’s heavy they should ask to bring upstairs. And on the phone delivery guy can’t see the age of the man. And what is other family members do while old man go down? And man know it’s heavy and he knows he is old and probably know he have health problems why carry so much when he can get little buy little. Of course delivery guys is small person can blame immediately but no one blame them self why family members not help to old man?

  3. I wonder if the delivery guy did mention to the man that the parcel is 22 kgs. It might be a way that the delivery just refused to carry it by asking the option to let the old man pick it up. Thats pretty heavy.

  4. I buy some heavy stuff that I dont want to carry myself thus I pay courier fees to deliver it on my doorstep.

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