In view of the severe and complicated situation of epidemic prevention and control, and the approaching Spring Festival and the winter vacation ,  Hefei City will conduct nucleic acid tests for all people coming (returning) to Hefei and  for these 20 key groups of people within the city:

1. Close and sub-close contacts, including those who come (return) from medium and high-risk areas.

2. Overseas arrivals.

3. Patients in fever clinics.

4. Inpatients and accompanying personnels.

5. Staffs of medical institutions.

6. Port quarantine and border inspection personnels.

7. Prison staffs.

8. Staffs of social welfare and pension institutions.

9. Imported cold food chain personnels.

10. People at port dealing with imported goods.

11. Staffs at Isolation units .

12. Spring Festival service personnels.

13. Farmers market workers.

14. Express delivery service staffs.

15. Transportation service personnels.

16. International transportation personnels.

17. Foreign ship operators.

18. Front-line staff of immigration and customs.

19. Front-line staff of the market supervision system.

20. Family members of personnel in high-risk positions at the port.