Hefei Taxi Fare Has Changed , Ride Sharing Added ( New)

From September 16th, Hefei will adjust the tariff and pricing mechanism of urban taxis.

1. Starting and car-kilometer rental prices

The starting price of urban cruise taxi is adjusted to 10 yuan/2.5 kilometers, and the car-kilometer rental price is adjusted to 2.0 yuan/km.

2. Regarding low-speed driving fees and carpool fees

(1) Low speed driving fee. When the driving speed is lower than 12 km/h, the low-speed driving fee will be waived for the first 3 minutes; after 3 minutes, the rush hour (7:30-9:30, 17:00-19:00) and other times will be charged at 0.6 yuan/ Minutes, 0.4 yuan/minute respectively.

(2) Carpool fee. In order to save transportation resources and standardize the behavior of parading taxi sharing, a new ride sharing fee item has been added. That is: after obtaining the approval of the first passenger at the starting point of the taxi operation, you can take the second passenger. The cost of the shared ride section shall be paid by both parties at a rate of 70%, and the non-shared ride section shall be charged according to the normal pricing standard.

3. Regarding subsidies

(1) Empty post fee. After the cruise taxi has traveled more than 12 kilometers (inclusive), the rental price for car kilometers will be charged 50%.

(2) Night subsidy. At night (from 23:00 to 5:00 the next day) the starting price and the car-kilometer rental price are subject to an additional 20%.

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