The Tianjin Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention performed a genome sequencing and analysis of the new coronavirus on the respiratory tract specimens of asymptomatic infections on December 9 and confirmed the detection of a mutant strain of the Omicron (B.1.1.529 evolutionary branch). It is reported that this is the first time a variant of the new crown virus Omicron has been discovered in mainland China. The infected is an entry closed-loop control personnel and is currently being treated in isolation at a designated hospital.

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The general public should continue to maintain good hygiene habits and adhere to effective prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, vaccinating, washing hands frequently, and not gathering , especially children aged 3 to 11 and elderly people over 60 should actively cooperate with the new crown vaccination work . After returning to Tianjin, personnels in high-risk positions, and key epidemic areas must proactively declare, cooperate with health monitoring and classified management, insist on non-essential non-exit, reduce unnecessary travel, and work together to resist the mutation of the new crown virus without any slack .