The Who , Where and When of COVID-19 Vaccination in Hefei

1. What are the Stages in the vaccination work  ?

The first step is to complete the vaccination of key groups before the end of June. The second is to vaccinate the elderly over 60 years and patients with basic diseases by the end of December. The final stage will be to expand to other groups as the case may be, and strive to gradually establish a population immune barrier.

2. Can ordinary residents receive the vaccine?

Yes, local residents can get vaccinated by first making an appointment !

3. Where are the vaccination centers and How to make an appointment?

You can get vaccinated at community health service centers, township health centers, vaccination clinics and medical institutions above second level . In principle, vaccination should be administered at the nearest place according to the jurisdiction. People with vaccination needs can make appointments through telephone, internet, etc. For specific appointment methods, please pay attention to the relevant notices of each county, city (district).

4. How much does the vaccination cost?

According to the current national policy, the new crown vaccine is free, and residents do not bear any cost.

5. What is the vaccination frequency and  interval

The immunization program is 2 doses, with an interval of 14-28 days between the 2 doses. If 28 days have passed for special reasons, the second shot must be completed as soon as possible, so as to get the full immune protection effect.

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