The list of the top ten hot springs in Chengdu is compiled by MaiGoo by comparing the geological characteristics, temperature, water quality, activity, type and other properties of the major hot springs in Chengdu, as well as the star rating, formation time, service facilities, geographical environment, history and culture, and functions of the hot springs. Screening based on factors such as Ctrip, Qunar, Tuniu, Fliggy, Tongcheng and Baidu) The relevant rankings/lists are comprehensively organized, and I hope it will be helpful for you to understand Chengdu Hot Springs. If you have any questions, please comment/criticize at the end. Vote for my favorite >> Top 10 Hot Springs in Chengdu 1. Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Tourist Area 4A Scenic Spot This picture is provided by registered user “Zhong Tian Di Zhi Ling”,Copyright Noticefeedback Huashuiwan Hot Spring Tourist Area is a hot spring tourist area integrating tourism, sightseeing, health care, vacation, leisure, commerce, conference, adventure and entertainment. Huashuiwan Hot Spring is known as the “Jade Pool on Earth” and is well-known throughout Sichuan, and its natural and unique geothermal mineral water, Huashuiwan Hot Spring, belongs to the ancient sea spring water. The resort area and Xiling Snow Mountain are matched and complement each other, forming a unique tourist spectacle of “one hot and one cold”, “one static and one moving”, and a tourist resource of “skiing on the mountain, hot springs under the mountain”, “hot springs in snow mountains, holiday seasons” Leisure” has also become Dayi’s tourism brand. In the resort area, there are all kinds of high-end hotels, hotels, villas, the pure Nordic style Huashuiwan resort town, color-changing springs and ancient sea hot springs, bringing people a comfortable holiday enjoyment. 【Detail>>】 Address: Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City , Sichuan Province 2. Sichuan Yufu Guodu Hot Spring Hotel The picture is provided by registered user “Binbin Youli”,Copyright Noticefeedback Sichuan Yufu Guodu Hot Spring Hotel opened on September 28, 2004, with a 6-storey building, a total of 174 guest rooms (sets), and a standard room area of ​​48 square meters. The hotel is jointly designed by famous Australian and French designers and Lei Fei Studio. It is built and managed according to the international five-star standard. The hotel hot spring is a strontium hot spring, containing more than 18 kinds of elements that are beneficial to the human body. It is a rare multi-micro compound rare medical thermal mineral spring at home and abroad. The hotel also has an indoor and outdoor spa, an ion soup pool surrounded by green vines, a crescent heated swimming pool and dozens of other hot spring pools for guests to choose from. 【Detail>>】 Address: Hot Spring Avenue, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City , Sichuan Province 3. Sichuan Wenjinjiang Hot Spring Hotel Chongzhou Wenjinjiang Hot Spring Hotel is a garden-style hotel with Japanese architectural style, integrating tourism, leisure, vacation, entertainment and other functions. Wenjinjiang Hot Spring is characterized by high water temperature, good water quality and large scale of construction. It integrates ancient balneotherapy treatment with modern health care and leisure. The hotel covers an area of ​​more than 70 acres and has 31 indoor and outdoor functional pools, such as wooden Pool, wine pool, Shouwu pool, papaya pool, coffee pool, flower and grass pool, massage pool, high temperature pool, natural hot spring pool, lovers pool and Liufu soup with Wenjinjiang characteristics (Angelica pool, ginseng pool, wolfberry pool, mint Pool, Ganoderma lucidum pool, Aloe vera pool), slate spring, ice room, aromatherapy room, light wave bath, etc., can accommodate 1200 people to bathe at the same time. 【Detail>>】 Address: Chongzhou City, a suburb of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province 4. Qingcheng Road Hot Spring The picture is provided by registered user “Binbin Youli”,Copyright Noticefeedback Qingcheng Road Hot Spring was donated by the five-star Qingcheng (Howard Johnson) International Hotel at the end of 2008. The hot spring captures high-quality mineral springs deep in the Qingcheng Mountains, and uses the high-purity water filtration technology selected by the Olympic Water Cube to create more than 60 acres of ecological resources. A large-scale leisure and health spa that integrates water leisure and health care. The hot spring is built on the mountain, and the all-natural strange stones create a natural wild interest. Dozens of acres of famous trees are integrated with the quiet green of Qingcheng Mountain, breathing out the atmosphere of Qingcheng and enjoying the natural warmth. A large indoor constant temperature landscape soup pool is specially set up, which is ecological, leisure and fun; 50 all-ecological open-air spring pools are specially set up. According to the principles of scientific health care and health preservation, different water temperatures of 36°C-42°C are provided to create privacy with different styles and health effects. Personal space. 【Detail>>】 Address: No. 88, Qingcheng Avenue, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province 5. Huilonggou Hot Spring Huilong Valley is on the same tourist route as Danjing Mountain, Jiufeng Mountain and Yinchang Valley, and there are different seasons throughout the year. Huilong Valley and Baoshan Village are famous for their hot springs. Baoshan Huilong Hot Spring is located in the fractured zone of the giant nappe structure of Longmen Mountain, with abundant water and huge pressure. The aquifer forms a natural pressure zone along the foot of the mountain, and the geothermal supply range is large. The geothermal well is 1662 meters deep and is located on the Longmenshan fractured zone. The water temperature is 38-45 °C, the water quality is sodium chloride type, and the salinity is 3945 mg/L. Baoshan Huilong Hot Spring has various styles of bathing pools such as indoor small pools and outdoor large pools, which can accommodate 150 people to bathe at the same time. 【Detail>>】 Address: Pengzhou District, Chengdu City , Sichuan Province 6. Jurassic Hot Springs Park There are more than 40 hot spring pools in the Jurassic Hot Spring Park, the pool temperature is 38°C-42°C, sand therapy, wet and dry steaming, pottery bath, floor kang, special medicine therapy, male and female celestial beauty bath room, Eight bath centers including private soup house, sexy style shoes, and whirlpool slimming. The park landscape is full of the Jurassic era, with various precious dinosaur era tree species running through the park, petrified wood communities scattered in the park and rare dinosaur fossil exhibition halls. Through the dinosaur museum and the petrified wood group, you can intuitively experience the Jurassic period. Bring your children and parents, enjoy nature in Jurassic Hot Springs, and enjoy the ancient feeling brought by Jurassic Park in nature. [More >>] Address: No. 1, Lingxiu Road, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province 7. Four Seasons Hot Spring Valley in Huashuiwan The Four Seasons Hot Spring Valley of Huashuiwan Celebrity Resort Hotel is located in Huashuiwan Hot Spring Town, famous for its “ancient sea water hot spring” and “Snow Mountain hot spring”; it is adjacent to Xiling Snow Mountain, Heming Mountain, Wuzhong Mountain, Anren Ancient Town, Jianchuan Museum, etc. The tourist attraction is located on the Golden Tourism Line of West Sichuan, Dayi County; it covers an area of ​​more than 70 acres, is invested by the China Railway Second Bureau and managed by the City Celebrity Hotel Group. A large ecological hot spring clubhouse. There are more than 50 special hot springs in Huashuiwan Hot Spring Valley, which are divided into six areas: original hot spring area, dynamic experience area, romantic hot spring area, forest hot spring area, VIP experience area, and natural hot mineral spring area. 【Detail>>】 Address: Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort, Dayi County, Chengdu City , Sichuan Province 8. The First Village of Huashuiwan Hot Spring Huashuiwan Hot Spring No. 1 Village is located in Wenquan South Street, Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County, only 80 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is the closest hot spring to Chengdu and a mature hot spring scenic spot. You can go whenever you want. The water temperature is 68 degrees Celsius. After playing crazy in the Xiling Snow Mountain, jump into the Huashuiwan hot spring bubble, absolutely relieve fatigue, absolutely relax. Huashuiwan No. 1 Village has 21 hot spring pools of different sizes and water temperatures, including six open-air hot spring pools, as well as hot spring pools and garden pools. The outdoor hot spring pools are designed in three layers, and there are hot springs, Tai-level surfing, and children’s paddling pools in the hall. The water temperature is different. 【Detail>>】 Address: Dayi County, Chengdu City , Sichuan Province 9. Diexiangxi Hot Spring Hotel, Huashuiwan Huashuiwan Diexiangxi Hot Spring Hotel is located in the hot spring resort area of ​​Huashuiwan Town. With its grand scale, it is located in the upper reaches of Huashuiwan. It is a hot spring leisure resort hotel rebuilt with a cost of more than 80 million yuan. It has a beautiful environment and covers a vast area. . In the open-air Diexiangxi Hot Spring Plaza, the water temperature maintains four different temperatures all year round. Huashuiwan Hot Spring was formed during the sea-land transition period of the ancient Sichuan Basin. It was excavated at a depth of 1800-2600 meters underground. The daily water volume is 5,000 cubic meters, and the water temperature at the wellhead reaches 68 degrees. 【Detail>>】 Address: Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City , Sichuan Province 10. Huashuiwan Baden Baden Hot Spring Club Huashuiwan Baden-Baden Hot Spring Club is a hot spring resort hotel invested and constructed by China Railway Second Bureau, designed and constructed according to quasi-four-star standard. Heming Mountain and Kaihua Temple, the first temple of Southern Buddhism. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and has a quiet environment. Several European-style villas are scattered in the green trees. The unique three-tiered hot spring pool, surfing pool and curved swimming pool, as well as various well-equipped conference rooms, restaurants, chess and card rooms, tea houses, karaoke, etc., can accommodate more than 200 guests at the same time. The ideal place to escape the summer heat. 【Detail>>】 Address: No. 9, Huashuiwan South Street, Dayi District, Chengdu City , Sichuan Province