What hot springs are there in Ningbo? Ninghai Forest Hot Spring, Nanyuan Hot Spring, Yangming Villa Hot Spring, Erling Mountain Hot Spring, etc. are some of the famous ones . Among them, the Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Tourist Area is surrounded by peaks and long canyons. There are three pools, nine waterfalls, eighteen streams and seventy-two peaks, forming a natural super “Oxygen Valley”. Ninghai Hot Spring is a tourist resort integrating leisure, vacation, physical therapy, entertainment and sightseeing.

This article brings you a list of Ningbo hot springs, hoping to help out.

1. Ningbo Ninghai Forest Hot Spring – 4A Scenic Spot

Ningbo Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Scenic Spot is a tourist resort integrating leisure, vacation, physiotherapy, entertainment and sightseeing. There are three pools, nine waterfalls, eighteen streams and seventy-two peaks. Ninghai Forest Hot Spring, commonly known as Tianmingshan Nanxi Hot Spring, has a water temperature of 49.5°C and is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, such as radon, lithium and fluorine.

2. Yangming Hot Spring Villa

Hot Spring Villa is a “Ming” cultural themed hot spring hotel represented by the four great sages of Yuyao, the mind master “Wang Yangming” in the Ming Dynasty.  Yangming Hot Spring now has more than 40 bubble pools, including a variety of special hot springs. The spring water is taken from the underground clean and pollution-free 2,500-meter deep bedrock.

3. Ningbo Erling Mountain Hot Spring Resort

Ningbo Erlingshan Hot Spring Resort is fully invested and constructed by Ningbo Dongqian Nanshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive reception and public hot spring bathing area that exceeds international five-star standards. Erling Mountain Hot Spring is derived from a natural hot spring 1808 meters underground. It is a sodium bicarbonate spring and is known as “Beauty Soup”; the hot springs are divided into indoor and outdoor open-air hot springs, of which the open-air hot springs are divided into 6 areas with 58 pools and indoor hot springs.

4. Zhejiang Nanyuan Hot Spring Villa , 2.5 hours from Hangzhou and 3.5 hours from Shanghai.

Nanyuan Hot Spring Villa is located in the northwest of Ninghai County. It is a resort hotel with the theme of hot springs, which integrates high-end guest rooms, luxury villas, food and beverages, health care entertainment and conference salons. The villa has its own unique guest room space with unique architectural styles, and interior decoration of spirituality giving people a refreshing feeling.

5. Dapeng Mountain Hot Spring

Dapeng Mountain Hot Spring, located in Dapeng Mountain Tourist Resort in Cixi, adopts the Chinese classical garden style, exquisite , unique and elegant. Trees are used as shelters, and the corridors and paths lead to seclusion, creating a group of “secret soup” hot spring pools that are deep, harmonious, hidden but not noisy. There are children’s interactive pools, whirlpool pools, spring pools, massage pools, Fish therapy pool, immortality pool, original soup pool, milk pool, petal pool, famous wood soup pool, essential oil pool, etc. 22 open-air pools, and a 250-square-meter comprehensive leisure area with ecological tea food, health spa, audio-visual space, etc.

6. Hangzhou Bay Hot Spring World

The main building of Hangzhou Bay Hot Spring World is composed of a fitness center , villa group, outdoor pool, restaurant, logistics service center and so on. Hangzhou Bay Hot Spring World has five indoor functional areas, including mythical pool area, dynamic hot spring game area, leisure and entertainment special dining area. It has 66 villas of various types and 122 guest rooms (sets). As well as recreation clubs, conference facilities, etc., it can meet the various needs of people at all levels for leisure, conference, entertainment, health care, etc. Under the oriental garden-style environment, Chinese classical services and the ultimate hot spring spa, you can fully relax your body and mind.


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