1. Hefei City God Temple

Hefei City God Temple was built in the Northern Song Dynasty and has a history of nearly a thousand years. The block integrates five major cultures: trend , market , traditional , folk , and Huizhou merchant culture. It has a strong business atmosphere and fully demonstrates the unique charm of “the roots of Hefei and the eyes of the city”. Among them, the food culture of the City God Temple has a long history, especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. various cuisine and snacks compete for extraordinary feats with unique flavors.

2. Hefei Pedestrian Street

Hefei Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street was built in 1993and integrates shopping, tourism, culture, leisure, catering and other functions. The Street has a total length of 920 meters and the architectural style is dominated by modern , supplemented by traditional Jianghuai architectural styles, including elements of the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, traditional Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Three Kingdoms as embellishments.

3. Doubanhui Pedestrian Street

Doubanhui Pedestrian Street, is located at the intersection of Suixi Road and Hewa Road, North First Ring Road. Here you will find special dining delicacies and baked snack foods that challenge food fashion and bloom your taste buds. It also has selective folk culture stores and traditional time-honored brands with Hefei regional characteristics. There are also popular brand coffee, tea, wine, milk tea, and desserts stores as well as SPA beauty salon, yoga and fitness centers .

4. Ningguo Road

Ningguo Road is a popular  food and snack street in Hefei.  It’s famous for lobster which is one of the favorite snacks of Hefei locals . Besides lobster, there are other delicious snacks such as beef soup and noodles .

5. Hefei University Town Food Street

University Town Food Street is close to major colleges and universities, with students as the main consumers. The night market in Hefei University Town has become a good place for foodies to gather and date. There are more than a dozen barbecue stalls, all kinds of pancakes, sizzling tofu, chicken fillets, red oil dumplings, special malatang, egg filling, special porridge shops .

 6. Guanting Road

Guanting Road Snack Street is close to Anhui Agricultural University and Guogou Plaza, and it has always been a popular gathering place. This seemingly inconspicuous alley is only a few hundred meters long. In fact, it brings together all kinds of snacks and delicacies, including Fatty Fat Sausage Restaurant, Fat Sister Noodle House, Taihe Beef and Mutton Pan Noodles , as well as milk tea, walnut crisps , burritos, chicken chops and countless other snacks. The food is mainly based on snacks, and the stores are small, but it attracts food lovers from all over Hefei .

7. Hefei 1912 Food Street

The 1912 block is the most literary and artistic food block. Here you can get Japanese cuisine, Sichuan hot pot, hamburger pizza, music restaurant and cafes suitable for petty bourgeoisie. Cultural exhibitions are often held in the tall 1912 block, where you can enjoy the delicious food and get the edification of art at the same time

8. Hefei Ladies Street

Ladies Street, a small street with a length of only 270 meters, is a small alley carrying the memory of Hefei city. The Night Market gathers many famous snacks in Hefei. Almost every snack has a history of more than ten years.

9. Back Street of Lucheng

Lucheng Backstreet is located in Zhugang Industrial Zone, Ma’anshan South Road, Hefei City.  An an urban fashionable dining, leisure, cultural and entertainment district with the theme of Hui culture, it introduces special dining, entertainment clubs, bathing and leisure and other commercial centers

10. The Street

The street is known as the first street for breakfast, however it is not limited to only selling breakfast, the night market is also colorful and has delicious food. The Street not only brings together the local famous snacks in Hefei ,  but also local specialties such as Hong Kong cuisine, Shanghai specialty fried noodles, and Wuhan hot dry noodles.