On January 4, the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Yuzhou City, Henan Province issued a news stating that from January 4, 2022, adjustments will be made to the epidemic risk levels in some parts of the city :

1. The following areas are adjusted to high-risk areas

1. Xiadu Street;

2. Liangbei Town.

2. The following areas are adjusted to medium-risk areas

1. Liugou Village and Guolou Village, Huolong Town;

2. The family courtyard of Antai Coal Company, Tawan Street, Yingchuan Street, North 5th Street of Hui Primary School, Kaiyuan Community, Yinzhuang.

3. The risk level of other regions remains unchanged

Closed management is implemented in high-risk areas to restrict the movement of people and prevent the spread of epidemic risks to the greatest extent possible.