Basic information

Activity place:Dabie Mountain Ski Resort
Activity date:January 22nd(if it rains,the date will be moved to the next day)
Travel Mode:By Bus
Meeting point and time: To be set a day before departure date
Departure time 7:00am
Note:If you are late, the bus will not wait for you. Please arrange your schedule reasonably.
Return time: 4pm
Arrival time: 8pm(if no traffic jam)
Trip Fee:Bus fee+ 3 hours Daytime Skiing Ticket fee+Insurance+Team Leader
Extra Fees:
 Meals
 Rental fee : 120RMB as following
Eg: Ski suit(40RMB)(can bring you own)
Ski helmet(20RMB)(can bring you own)
Ski glove(20RMB)(can bring you own)
Ski glasses(20RMB)(can bring you own)
Storage cabinet(20RMB)(can share)
Participants: Minimum 15, Max 37 per group

 For children, the smallest size of snow shoes is 26
 If less than 15 participants, the trip will be cancelled.
 take food, water, portable charger , etc
Statement:No changing to other trips or refund within 24hours of departure

What’s included in the trip fee?
 Round-bus fee and insurance
 Ski ticket: Including the use of ski equipment, snowball poles, snowboards, snowshoes, drag and other use fees, some ski resorts including cable car. The specific opening of ski slopes shall be subject to the actual regulations of each ski resort.
 The team leader will help you with the admission procedure, the leader is not the coach.
What’s not included in the trip fee?
 Please bring 200RMB IN CASH or Alipay which is required as deposit. It will be refunded later if your ski equipment is not broken.
 There are fee for locker, goggles, clothes, gloves. You can share the locker with your friends. Helmet rental is mandatory in some ski resorts. The specific policy of the scenic spot shall prevail.
 Please do not forget to return your electronic card after you return the equipment at reception desk and go to the cash counter to get your deposit (remaining money after deduction).
 Please take care of yourself and keep warm as it is freezing cold in Skiing Parks. And you can also have lunch in the restaurant around but no western style, so take your own. Please take enough water.
Note: Skiing is a high-risk outdoor sport! In case of accidents, the club will assist in settling insurance claims. The deductible and additional expenses of insurance companies shall be borne by individuals. Please be informed before registration.
Warm tips:
 Choose the piste appropriate to your actual level, make sure that you can control your speed and movement, and be able to stop at any time to avoid other people or objects.
 Drinking alcohol, heart disease, high blood pressure and pregnant women are forbidden to ski.
 The front skier has the right of way. Please keep a safe distance from the front skier when skiing or passing behind him.
 Do not stay in the middle of the ski track and narrow track, in order to avoid possible collision injury.
 When entering a trail through a connector or skiing diagonally on a trail, watch your surroundings carefully to ensure that you are not endangering yourself or others.
 If you can’t use your ski equipment properly, please consult the ski resort staff.
 Please pay attention to all the text and ICONS in the ski area at all times and stay away from the closed slopes and areas.
 Skiers have priority in using the ropeway. They must be familiar with the rules and use it safely.


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