Yesterday , a video of a woman scolding a foreigner on Shenzhen subway has been widely circulated online.

In the video , the woman can be heard telling the Expat in english to “get out of China”, “You are not like a man, you are like a woman”, the man responded “I don’t like animals, and you are like an animal”

The woman went on with the rant “your mother must have died a long time ago”, however , the man did not lose his temper, but responded subtly, “No, she is alive, and she educated me well , there are many friendly people in China, and you are not one of them, you are not from Shenzhen, go back to your village.”

The woman responded unconvincingly, “Shenzhen is my hometown.” The foreigner questioned, “Is it your hometown? I have lived here for 10 years.”

Online , most netizens criticized lady’s rudeness and unreasonable behavior .