On November 29, The Paper News reporter learned from WeChat that, in order to further implement the interconnection plan implemented in phases and steps with security as the bottom line, under the guidance of relevant regulatory authorities, WeChat will begin to manage external links from now on. The update content is as follows:

1. In the point-to-point chat scene, users will be able to directly access external links;

2. Under the guidance of the regulatory authorities, in order to implement the safety bottom line principle and take into account user experience, WeChat will try to open the direct access function of e-commerce external links in group chat scenario;

3. The follow-up plan is to develop an independent selection model to provide users with external chain management functions.

WeChat stated that it will continue to work with major Internet platforms to promote interconnection plans under the guidance of regulatory authorities, actively cooperate with other Internet platforms to implement interconnection, and explore the technical possibilities of smoothly using WeChat services on other platforms.