On the evening of December 4, a woman in Hebei suddenly jumped off while riding a Didi taxi. The woman’s husband said that on the night of the incident, he suddenly received a one-click alarm message set by his wife on the online taxi-hailing software. He immediately contacted her and learned that she took a taxi to return home from the train station but the driver deviated from the route multiple times . The passenger asked the driver several times of the reason for the continues deviation but he didn’t respond  . She then jumped out of the moving car , in fear for her safety  .

According to the passenger’s husband , the incident occurred at 8 o’clock in the evening on December 4, when his wife was returning home from the train station. Because it was a carpool , there was also a male passenger  sharing the ride with her . The driver first sent the man to his destination before continuing with the woman.

The woman recalled that the driver did not speak, nor communicated with the other passenger as well. When the man was about to reach his destination, he told the driver to go to an intersection ahead but the driver chose to go another way without replying.

She said that the driver, after traveling in the opposite direction for several minutes , turned from a main road to a side street, and then into an alley . According to her observation, the alley is very dark, and the surrounding environment is all full of sauna and bathing shops.  During this time, she asked the driver to pull over and stop for her to get off, but he did not respond. She contacted Didi customer service, who after reaching the driver replied, “The driver is not good at words.”

She then rolled down the car window to ask for help from nearby pedestrians, but there was no one in the alley. Due to excessive fear, she chose to jump out after the car slowed down when it was about to make a turn.

She recalled that the car stopped for a few seconds after she jumped off,  however the driver drove straight away without getting out of the car .

On December 14, Didi’s safety commissioner responded saying that on December 5, the platform established a special investigation team, and at the same time completely stopped the driver’s services.

Didi said that the customer service had asked the driver during the incident if there were any abnormalities to which he replied that there were road repairs at the time

Currently the Rongcheng police has open an investigation of the incident.